About us

We’re seasoned professionals with over two decades of exceptionally diverse work experience. We’ve worked for and with global corporations and mid-sized companies, and we’ve co-founded two companies: SEP Solutions Oy and PH2 Group Oy. In SEP, we’ve taken Onni Care, an IoT platform comprising remote video monitors, a web app and mobile apps from concept to international markets, and now with PH2, we help others do the same.

We have hands on, deep-in-the-trenches and full-spectrum experience from every stage of product development: ideation, research, planning, design, development, testing, manufacturing, marketing and launching. Our expertise is business management, innovation, strategy, internationalisation, funding, PR and marketing. Select highlights include being invited to campaign in a UNESCO-patronaged programme, receiving an international market-study mention, winning two European Commission’s Seal of Excellence high-quality awards, negotiating a joint venture agreement with Chinese partner, winning various innovation and design awards and experiencing an exit.

Erasmus Van Niekerk

BBA in Business and Technology. Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Civil Engineering National diploma. Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape town, South Africa

Certified in Medical device development, Product Management, International sales channel development and IoT platform development.

Satu Niemelä

Satu Niemelä

Licentiate of Philosophy. English language. Oulu University, Finland

Master of Arts. English language, marketing, entrepreneurship. Oulu University, Finland

Foreign trade and Corporate management specialist.

Digital sales and marketing expert.

Certified member of the Board & Chairman of the Board. Copywriter